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Your investment journey

DIY Investigation

Spend some time on the website to gain an understanding of Co-living by Gallery and all that it has to offer. We have made the Co-living by Gallery website a content rich resource to allow you the opportunity to truly appreciate how it works prior to engaging with your accredited Co-living by Gallery Consultants. We aim to make all information available upfront and forthcoming so that if you decide a Co-living by Gallery investment is not right for you, you don’t have to go through the motions of enquiring and speaking on the phone.


After receiving your inquiry, your accredited Co-living by Gallery consultant call you and conduct a Q & A session. This is to ensure that Co-living by Gallery is the right product for you and whether you are the right type of investor for a Co-living by Gallery. This step is one of the most important as it allows alignment between your investment goals and the capability of a Co-living by Gallery. This also allows you to ask questions about anything that is left unanswered from our website. We aim to be fully transparent and want you to be thoroughly informed as early as possible so that we are not wasting your time.

The Numbers In Detail

Let’s see how the numbers stack up! Your Accredited Consultant will take you through a detailed financial analysis to demonstrate the amazing returns available with the Co-living by Gallery product. Doing this will give you an accurate understanding of where you will sit in the market when compared to other investment solutions. We will also talk all things finance, in particular the challenges of valuations and how that impacts on your equity contribution.


The numbers work. Now it’s time to make some momentum. Your accredited consultant will introduce you to our preferred Co-living by Gallery mortgage Brokers, who know the ins and outs of making successful applications for non-standard investment solutions like Co-living by Gallery. It’s important to understand that we only work with a panel of Co-living by Gallery-approved brokers. We do this for the simple reason that a broker needs a detailed understanding of the Co-living by Gallery product and a broker who doesn’t will end in your application falling over the majority of the time. This is a great opportunity to do a mortgage ‘health check’ on your existing loan facilities to ensure you are getting the very best rates available.


It’s time to pause and re-group. With the benefit of feedback from the finance broker we have a clear picture as to what budget you are working within. It’s also the time to review all that has been discussed to ensure you are comfortable and that Co-living by Gallery suits your investment strategy. We will discuss possible locations based on your budget and preferences with a strategic approach toward the acquisition phase.

Expression of Interest

You complete an Expression of Interest Form. The purpose of this is to identify the locations you are happy to invest, to understand your timing and to have a clear understanding of your budget as advised by you broker. Because there are limited opportunities to secure this product with huge market demand, you pay a fully refundable deposit at this time to allow us to secure a property for you.

Property Presentation

Now it’s time for the exciting stuff! We will research your preferred locations and present you with a Co-living by Gallery House and Land Package that fits within your budget. We will take you through the rationale for the location and show you the infrastructure surrounding both options. All of this supports an investment that delivers both capital growth and an amazing rental return.

Sales Advice

We complete documentation that allows for both the land and building contract to be prepared. These will be emailed to you by Docusign for signing and will then be returned to the land developer and builder for signing. It is important to understand that these documents need to be signed within 48 hours of receiving them.

Site Inspection

Having completed the sales advice and signed contracts you may wish to conduct a physical site inspection. While less than 20% of our clients making the decision to visit the property, we strongly encourage you to do so. Purchasing property is a major decision and we believe you should ‘kick the dirt’ and meet the entire team that is here to support you.

Finance Process

Sit back and relax! Its over to your finance broker to do the heavy lifting and navigate our way through the valuation process. It’s this step of the process that is most likely to fail if a Co-living by Gallery approved broker isn’t in your corner, which is why we only work with specific brokers. No one wants to get this far in the process only to be told no.


If you build it they will come! The construction team take over at this point to get your Co-living by Gallery approved for construction. Use the Co-living by Gallery Client Portal to follow the progress from wherever you are.

Want more

For further information, please speak with your Co-living by Gallery accredited consultant.